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10 Best Practices for Fraud Mitigation

Online Lenders are an increasing target for fraudsters.
Use these 10 best practices to stay ahead of them.
We've created this Best Practice Report for online lending executives looking for ways to integrate strong identity verification into the loan origination and customer onboarding process.

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KYC Compliance Fundamentals

This guide, based on important takeaways provided by the panelists of a KYC webinar we hosted, will provide a high level analysis of the things you need to pay attention to meet regulatory guidelines when performing Know Your Customer analysis on new and current customers, the approach you should follow on your relationships with regulatory agencies and industry peers, and how to stay out of trouble and avoid fines.
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Achieving a balance between global customer acquisition, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance, for any business, is difficult without the proper strategy and technology.

This is why we created: “The Digital Identity Evaluation Guide”, which provides a framework that will help you think through your strategy with a focus on the functionality and technology that can help you achieve it.

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Mobile Fraud

IdentityMind has created a solution specifically for mobile providers. Our mobile fraud prevention combines superior identity verification services and technology, with fraud policies designed to accommodate mobile channels, seamless use of natural user information, and our core Electronic DNA™... to provide worldwide fraud prevention services in even the most difficult environments.

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Sanctions Screening

Our system matches against a combination of name, address, date of birth, country, and other parameters, reducing the need for fuzzy algorithms that produce too much “noise.”

Using IdentityMind™ Sanctions Screening, our client was able to reduce false positives by 95% and minimize manual review hours from 30, to 5 hours per month.

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See how Trusted Digital Identities can help your business achieve:

  • 60% Reduction of Transactional Fraud
  • 85% Reduction of Manual Review Time
  • 90% Reduction of Onboarding Fraud
  • 50% Reduction of False Positives in Sanctions Screening

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8 Effective

Detecting fraud is not an exact science. It takes years of experience analyzing transactions on a daily basis, dealing with fraudsters and studying their behavior, in order to become an Anti-Fraud expert. This guide describes some of the most effective strategies to detect fraud on transactions, by analyzing the information collected by your ecommerce system when an order is received, and using your Anti-Fraud tools.

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10 Essential Btn

In the first of a series of white papers on cryptocurrency regulation, we cover 10 Essential Terms for Bitcoin Regulation, providing a crucial introduction to money laundering, The Bank Secrecy Act, and The Four Pillars of AML.

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Electronic DNA

IdentityMind has developed a patent-pending technology that identifies Internet users without introducing intrusive steps. IdentityMind’s core technology eDNA™ (electronic DNA), recognizes users through their Internet environment, payment data and payment behavior. It identifies good and bad users and provides tools to recognize when identities have been stolen.

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The IGNITE program helps Bitcoin Startups kickstart their compliance program with low-cost access to the IdentityMind Global Platform. Learn about the issues these startups have faced, and how they’ve solved them using our platform.

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5 Key Tips

As popularity and acceptance of virtual currencies has increased, so has government attention. To help virtual currency businesses understand and comply with current and potential regulation surrounding the industry, we’ve put together a new white paper with 5 key tips for superior risk-based AML compliance. Don’t risk your business, or your freedom.

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Fighting Friendly Fraud

Friendly Fraud is very difficult to detect. The problem is that by definition the information provided by the customer isn’t flawed. Therefore, the risk indicators can be very subtle and many times non-existent. Aside from being crystal clear with the product offering, and refund/return policies, there are few simple Tips that can work when it comes to dealing with friendly fraud using our platform.

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