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IdentityMind for Token Sales


Protect Your ICO From Regulators

ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) or token sales are a great way to fund and expand your business. But, your ICO needs to comply with money laundering regulations, including blocking certain geographies, while minimizing risk. You know you need to do something, but what? And, how do you do it without turning away customers, getting sued, or getting fined by various governments? ldentityMind can help.

IdentityMind provides a plug-in software solution that handles the necessary Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements, including KYC (Know Your Customer), required to launch your ICO around the world. It ensures that your ICO meets the existing legal requirements, demonstrating to regulators you're doing the right thing. With our extensive digital currency, regulatory, and risk management knowledge, we can make this part of your ICO a whole lot easier.

You receive a preconfigured plug-in that will:

  • Know where your contributors are coming from. Preventing geographies or regions you cannot, or do not want to, work with
  • Perform risk based KYC, complying with regulations of various governments (US, Canada, China, etc...)



It's Easy to Do
the Right Thing

IdentityMind has a pre-configured plug-in that takes into consideration all published guidance.

Do what's necessary without impacting sign-ups.


Stay Out
of Trouble

Regulators are following ICOs.  IdentityMind provides realtime KYC & risk analysis of your contributors via proprietary data and 20+ services including sanctions screening, name and address validation, phone verification, device analysis, IP analysis, and document validation + facial match. 


Broaden Your
Contributor Base

Our platform uses digital identities that help you ensure the same person is not making multiples purchases, understand the reputation of each of your contributors, and accept as many as possible while still complying with the law. 


Simple Setup,
Faster Process Time

We'll get you up and running quickly. With Swagger documentation, a RESTful JSON APl, and a staging environment, integration can take less than 24 hours. And, our rules, case management, and alerts allow you to authorize contributors based on your specific thresholds, so you can quickly review users and escalate as required.

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A SAFT requires you to validate your contributors are accredited investors.  IdentityMind can help connect you to a review service that approves contributors in a timely manner.


  • Know where contributors are coming from

  • SAFT Compliance
  • Automated, risk-based KYC

  • Regulation already configured by country

  • Ability to validate contributors worldwide

  • 20+ data services, one API 

  • Conduct enhanced due-diligence
  • Real time risk scoring using machine learning 

  • Velocity analysis to prevent illegal behavior

  • Risk scoring on source of funds to prevent contributors that will bring regulator attention

  • Easily manual review suspicious transactions

  • Prebuilt reports for regulators

  • Queue management

Some of our Clients

“IdentityMind had everything we needed to ensure our token sale was conducted lawfully and in accordance with worldwide rules and regulations.  We were up and running in less than 72 hours. We are fully compliant and appeal to a wider range of contributors.”


- Roderik van der Veer
CTO and Co-founder
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Global Regulations

 ICOs are very new, and regulations worldwide are still developing.  Hover over orange countries to see what the regulatory environment for ICOs is like there.  Grey countries have not yet commented on ICO legislation. 

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