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Kill Excel: Better Compliance Efficiency Through Regtech

Kill Excel: Better Compliance Efficiency Through Regtech

Your company expanding is exciting, growing your client base is very exciting, but if you are the compliance officer or a compliance agent managing this growth in Excel spreadsheets, that excitement might be mixed in with worry and trepidation. After all, those spreadsheets can lead to fines from regulators.

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Garrett Gafke in Forbes:

"Why The Shared Economy Demands Digital Identities"

"Just as web browser encryption in the early days of the web was treated as a munition by regulators until a more appropriate way to classify or treat it was created, the shared economy often relies on physical identification that represents only a single piece of the risk management puzzle -- and one that can’t keep up with our multi-channel world."

Featured Resource

Forrester's Vendor Landscape: Anti-Money Laundering Solutions 2017

In this comprehensive report, Forrester explains the main reasons why Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs are key for companies that facilitate financial transactions, including:

  • Organized crime’s and extremist groups’ schemes are more sophisticated.
  • Regulatory scrutiny is stricter and more comprehensive.
  • Reputational damage due to AML issues can be catastrophic.

According to Forrester, when selecting the right AML technologies you should consider the broader financial crimes prevention and risk management architecture within which AML sits, with special focus on:

  • Customer identification and due diligence. Whom you allow to transact with your firm has a huge impact on how well you can intercept money laundering and meet compliance regulations.
  • Sanctions screening, and transaction monitoring.

The good news is that our platform can help you with all of the above.




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